Thursday, January 5, 2012

Princess Racheal

Thanks to Disney movies, every little girl dreams of being a princess.  Successfully, Disney banks on grown women not fully letting that dream go.

I am one of those women.  I even dressed up as Ariel for Halloween a few years ago.  Yikes.

This February my childhood dreams will finally come true.  Not really. Well, at least for 13.1 miles. I am so excited to say that I have officially signed up for my first half marathon!  Not just any half marathon...the Disney Princess half marathon


In Orlando.  Through Disney World.  How awesome is that?

I registered for the race and booked our flights yesterday (I am dragging Dan along).  The only thing I can't decide is if we should stay on the Disney resort for convenience or stay in a different hotel and possibly rent a car to save money.  Does anyone have any experience with that?  Any advice to share one way or the other?

Energy Out
I actually made it down to the gym at work over lunch and busted out a short 3 mile run while watching The Parenthood.  I had fully planned on running 4 miles, but I think that my body has finally realized that the Christmas cookie intake has stopped and I am now only eating what I need.  Because of that, I am going through a "lack of energy" phase.  Today I hope to run at least 4 miles.

Energy In
Make sure to scroll down to dessert.  I tried a new recipe!
Snack (3): Fage Greek yogurt

Lunch (7): Salad with greens, salmon burger, peppers, carrots,
green onion, and sesame ginger edressing
Breakfast (5): Special K Bar (5) and pineapple (0)

Apple (zilch) 

Snack: popcorn (3)

Dinner (11): taco soup with light sour cream

Dessert (9): Banana chocolate chip baked oatmeal
Each muffin is 3 points (one not pictured)
Click *here* for the recipe

Daily points (33) + running points (6) - eating points (38) = 1 point.  Whew.  That was close. :)

Thought for the day:



  1. Have you thought about your princess running costume yet? That's a big part of the princess half. Some day I want to run one with you (and not in KC).

  2. Yay! That's the half marathon I have in mind also! Although not until Feb of 2013 probably. I'm so happy for you. I would recommend staying on property. From what I've read the property bus system for the marathon is much easier than trying to park and get to the starting line.

  3. @sally: I have thought about my costume a little bit...maybe a pink tutu and for sure a tiara. I don't want to get too crazy for my first half! Its a date! I will start researching other fun races! ;)

    @Sarah: Really? That is awesome! Good for you! Thanks for the advice. I didn't think about that. Good luck on your training. :)


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