Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pharm Squad

In high school, Dan (lovingly) called my friends and I "The Goon Squad."  So, naturally, when I made some more friends in pharmacy school, we also needed a name. Thus, The Pharm Squad was born.

With our powers combined, we can answer any drug question you have.  Hehehe.

This weekend is a Pharm Squad Sleepover because Brad and Chessa came in town from Chicago and Meghan and Nigel and Elizabeth are staying too, so we don't miss a second of time together.

There is nothing better than having your house full of people you love.  :)

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Yesterday morning, Dan went to the airport to pick up Brad and Chessa while I finished up some work stuff.  I stole of few chore moments to get a 3 mile run in while watching The Office.  Today is my off day-praise Baby Jesus, because my legs are so sore.

I made while-running oats instead of *over-night oats*.  They still came out to about the same consistency and were very yummy and filling.

While-Running Oats  (5)

This time I used plain Greek yogurt, Almond Smooth, pumpkin, chocolate protein powder, vanilla, Splenda, and cinnamon.  I added a sliced banana, and I was good to go.

When our guests arrived and after me, Aumlette, and Lilly finished our happy dance, we ate lunch, Fire Pot Soup (Click *here* for the recipe).  This soup was the reason I ventured out to the International Market, and it was 100% worth the extra trip.  It warmed and filled my belly. I cant wait to try to make it again.  (FYI: I subbed the tofu for chicken.  There is no way on this planet I could get my husband to eat tofu.)

Lunch (12): Fire Pot Soup

Just be sure to take out those Thai chilies before you eat it.  Unless you want your mouth to be on fire, your eyes to water, and the urge to drink half a gallon of milk.  I am not going to name any names...

Meghan and Nigel brought an extra treat: homemade Bailey's.

Coffee with Bailey's (4)

While the boys were downstairs playing pool, the girls chatted upstairs and drank our coffee and Bailey's.

We went out to a Belton, MO classic: Mi Publito's.  Good times were had by all.

Dinner: fajita taco salad (30)

Light Beer * 3 (12)

Dessert was one of my favorites: pumpkin banana bread.  Any time your bananas look like they need to be thrown away, make this bread.  Do it.  (Click *here* for the recipe).

Dessert (3) slice of pumpkin banana bread
I hope everyone else is enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Thought for the day:


Daily points (32) + running points (6) - eating points (66) = - 28.  I still have 24 weekly points to use today. :)

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