Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paula Deen

I love Paula Deen.

I have enjoyed her TV shows, cooked and baked many of her recipes, and licked my plate clean at her restaurant in Savannah.

Since she announced she has Type 2 diabetes, she has obviously been under a lot of scrutiny.   For me, it doesn't change a thing.

Yes, her recipes are horrible for you.  I already knew that.  I wasn't cooking them for every meal, but for special occasions.  I am a strong believer in everything in moderation (including moderation, hehehe).  Yes, it is a bit unfair that she got rich by creating the recipes that led to the disease, and will become more rich by advertising for insulin products.  I am sure many people earn money is less honest ways.

But, at the end of the day, she is still a person who was diagnosed with a horrible disease that many people have a very hard time dealing with.  If anything, I think she is setting an example of what can happen to you when your diet consists of mostly butter.  This woman has to give herself 3 to 4 shots per day and prick her finger more than that.  I think we need to be a little more sensitive.

Even better news, her sons are lightening up some of her recipes.  When I heard that, I immediately saved the recipe for Bobby's Gooey (Less) Butter Cake (click *here* for the recipe), because the many variations of Paula's Gooey Butter Bars have been my go-to dessert recipe for years.  Last night I made it.

They didn't taste exactly the same as the full fat original, but I thought they were great.  I am already thinking of ways I could mix it up.  Pumpkin and lemon are at the top of my list.

Two servings of Less Butter Cake (16)

Fortunately, we had a surprise visit from Dan's parents last night, and I was able to share the lighter-Paula-Deen-love.

Dinner was a veggie packed Thai-fire pot soup that we made a few weeks ago (we used the same exact *recipe*, but added a bag of frozen broccoli, a green and red pepper, and 10 more Thai chilies and subbed the tofu for chicken).


Dan and I enjoyed a little wine and some great company while waiting for it to cook.

Wine x 2 (8)

Dan was so proud to eat his orange pepper.

Creepy. Notice the sweat...this soup brings the heat!

Yesterday I ran 4 miles while reading The Maze Runner.  I swear, it has never taken me this long to finish a book!  Finally, last night I finished it and downloaded the next part of the series, The Scorch Trials. Today is my day off, and tomorrow will be my first 10K race and my first time running in a cave!  So pumped!

Other Eats (If you look close you can see Aumlette trying to get in the trash while I am preoccupied)

Breakfast: Green Monster Smoothie (7)
Lunch: Salad of Champions (7)
Snacks: apples (0)

Thought for the day:


DP (31) + RP (9) - EP (50) = -10
I had to dip into my 49 extra points.  I have 39 to use today. :)

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