Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Murder Mystery

Yesterday I ran 4.8 miles while watching Castle.  During the slow parts of the show, my mind started to wander.  Often when I am watching a murder mystery-type show I start to imagine what the case would look like if I were murdered.

I know that sounds very dark, but hear me out.  I don't imagine the details of my death, that would be weird.  Instead I try to guess what leads the detectives and forensics would investigate that I consider part of my everyday normal life.

For example, would they notice that I had out of town guests this past weekend and fly to Chicago to interrogate them?  Or would they see that I am a runner and try to question people who live on my normal running route?s (they could find them on my RunStar Ap or my MapMyRun account)  Would they question Dan?  (of course they would)  What would Dan have done that day that could make him look suspicious?  (even though he would obviously be not guilty)  Of course, then I start thinking about my credit card bills, phone calls, and emails and start to get paranoid about what someone would think about me if I wasn't there to explain myself.  (even though my life is squeaky clean)

All of that runs through my head is about 0.15 seconds.  Looking back, it doesn't seem the healthiest.  Maybe I should skip out on the murder mystery-type shows for a while....hehehe.

Breakfast was the same protein muffin I had made for dessert the night before, minus the chocolate and plus some Greek yogurt, bananas, and cinnamon.  Look how full that bowl is!

Breakfast (4)

I had an interview over lunch, so I didn't think it would be appropriate to whip my camera out and take a picture of my food.  But, I did take my trash with me back to my desk to take a picture of it there.

Lunch: Turkey wrap and baked lays (13)

Last night I had a dinner planned to make.  I even laid out some chicken to defrost when I walked in the door.  But the second I sat down and turned on the TV I knew it wasn't going to happen.  I just wasn't feeling it.  Dan offered to make dinner, but nothing sounded good.  So, he had left over taco soup and I had a series of little snacks.  Probably not the healthiest, because there wasn't a veggie in sight.

I started out with two 100-calorie bags of popcorn with garlic salt while watching How I Met Your Mother,

popcorn (6)

then, I needed something sweet, so I made a fruit-cheese-wrap.

pear and cheese wrap (4)

A few hours later I was hungry again, so I snacked on some tahini and pita bread,


then I needed something sweet again.


I went down to the kitchen to get a cup of tea and saw the last piece of banana pumpkin bread from this weekend.  Once I saw it there was no turning back.


Not my typical dinner, but it worked.

Thought for the day


DP (32) + RP (10) - EP (38) = 4


  1. I'm kind of in love with your blog :0) I love seeing all the pictures! Keep it up!


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