Monday, January 9, 2012

Meal Planning

It was a slow Sunday at the Kendrick's.  I didn't even leave the house.

That also means that I couldn't keep my booty out of the kitchen.

Breakfast and lunch were exactly the same as yesterday.  What can I say? I am a creature of habit.

Breakfast (6): spinach-mushroom-goat cheese-2 egg scramble with hot sauce
blackberries with Splenda

Lunch (10): salad of champions

Have you purchased the ingredients for this salad yet?  If not, you are missing out.

Lunch dessert (3): one chocolate-banana-oat muffin
Dinner dessert (6) two chocolate-banana-oat muffins   

In between meals I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 3 mile run while reading my download, Maze Runner.

I am only on the first few chapters, but it meets the requirements for my favorite books:
1. In a series
2. Sci-fi-ish
3. Intended for 12 year old readers


For a before dinner snack, I tried out a new-to-me recipe, kale chips.  (Click *here* for the recipe).

Snack (1): kale chips

They were yummy and satisfied my salty-chip craving.

For dinner we had some friends over to share the slow cooked sweet barbacoa pork I put in the crock pot this morning.  (Click *here* for the recipe.)

I served it on top of cilantro lime rice and black beans just like Gina suggested.

Dinner (11): barbacoa, cilantro lime rice, blackbeans, salsa

Meal Planning

Week nights are pretty busy over here.  I work a lot at night, and don't always have time to get dinner together.  In preparation for the week, and to prevent the purchasing of take out and / or the eating of frozen pizza, I made a list of what we are going to have for dinner everyday.  Then I sent Dan to the store with a list to get the ingredients that were missing from our pantry.

It is going to be a tasty week!

Monday: stuffed cabbage casserole
Tuesday: spaghetti
Wednesday: green curry chicken
Thursday: bubble-up enchilada casserole
Friday: leftovers

Thought for the day:
Daily points (33) + running points (6) - eating points (37) = 2

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