Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goat Cheese x 3

Do you like goat cheese?  I have found that most either love it or hate it...kind of like Jersey Shore. I hate to admit that I am on the team-love-it for both (I blame MTV's Jersey shore marathon scheduled two days in a row and Pauly D's dreamy accent).

Yesterday, because of my recent purchase of goat CREAM cheese, I had goat cheese for every meal.

This goat cream cheese is the consistency of cream cheese but leaves the same aftertaste as goat cheese.  Aren't you dying to try it after that description?  Hehe.

Breakfast 1 egg (2); 1/2 C egg whites (1); spinach scramble with a dollop of goat creamy cheese (1)

Lunch: Salad of champions (with goat cheese [2], tahini [2], turkey burger [3], sriracha, vinegar, and lettuce).
Snacks: 0% Greek yogurt (2) with blueberries, apple, pear

Yesterday's run was during my lunch at work. My work gym was pretty busy and I even ran into a few people who I actually work with. Or should I say they walked by the treadmill while I was huffing my way through 4 miles, sweat flying everywhere and body parts jiggling.  I hope they can take me seriously during our next meeting with that image burned into their brains.  :)

Last night Dan had a going away party for a guy at work. I meant to go, but I was just so tired (like beat down) that I opted out.  Instead, I had my own party with my blanket, DVR (it counts as a party if you are watching Jersey Shore), and my ipad (still reading Maze Runner).

Snack: popcorn (3)

dinner: turkey burger pita with goat cheese and tahini (9) and two small sweet potatoes (6)

dessert: cookie butter oatmeal (8)

I feel asleep around 7:45.  *Winning*

Thought for the day:


DP (32) + RP (9) - EP (39) = 2

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