Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flava Flav


Yesterday was FULL of flavor.

Breakfast (6): spinach-mushroom-goat cheese-2 egg scramble and blackberries
Saturday mornings at home always start out with me working for a few hours while Dan sleeps in.  Yesterday he joined me in the office.

(Yes, he is sleeping on the dog bed).

For lunch, I made the most amazing salad.

Lunch (10) : Salad with goat cheese, tahini, and turkey burger and Coke Zero.

If you like different flavors you have to go to the store today and buy white balsamic vinegar, tahini, sriracha sauce, crumbly cheese (I used goat), and some type of protein (I used a turkey burger). I hate to steal this word from another blog, but the only way to describe how good this salad tastes is to say: foodgasm.  Mmmmm....for the "recipe" click *here*.  This will probably be my lunch everyday for the foreseeable future.

Dan enjoyed his turkey burgers sandwich style.  After years of debate, he can finally appreciate the difference between turkey and beef burgers.

Before going out to dinner, we made a little stop at the plaza to see the lights (better late than never).

We met our friends our friends Megan and Nigel at Thai Place in Westport for dinner.

The company and food were both wonderful.  Catching up with good friends and green curry warmed my heart and my belly!

Shiraz (4)

Appetizers (3): one each of dumplings and spring rolls

Dinner (33): green curry chicken with a few spoons of rice 

Dan and I are already trying to find an excuse to go back for seconds.  Probably next weekend.

On the way home I mentioned I wanted something sweet and we some how ended up in the Sheridan's drive thru.

Dessert (6): one scoop of vanilla custard with sliced bananas


Thought for the day:


Total daily points (33) - eating points (63) = -30.  I used all of my workout points and dipped into my 49 extra weekly points (I have a 26 which I probably won't use today).  Flexibility...the beauty of WW!


  1. I have a question about Tahini. I bought some today from my grocery store. I don't live near a TJ's (I know, the horror). Mine was in a can and had a lot of oil on the top. I tasted it and it was very..blah. Do you mix anything in yours?

  2. Well...apparently what I use is called Tahini sauce. I didn't even noticed that until you asked this question. Sorry! Have you tried to mix it with the vinegar and Srircha hot sauce? I think that would help. The next time I buy it I will look at the ingredients and let you know what else is in there! :)

  3. Gotcha..I'll try to mess around with it to see if I can give it a better taste. :)


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