Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exercise: It Cures what Ails You

Have you seen this video yet?

If not, I highly recommend you watch it.  I realize it is long, but totally worth the time.

I love this entire video, but I have two favorite parts:

  1. Exercise as medicine.  As a pharmacist, I often see people who expect their problems to be fixed by a pill.  The research presented in this video obviously shows that many health conditions can be fixed and / or prevented by exercising!  I have said for years that running keeps me balanced.  I rarely get sick.  I sleep 8 hours a night.  If I don't run for a few days I notice that my anxiety increases and my decision making skills decrease.  
  2. Exercise can decrease the health risks that obesity increases. So, even if I am not at my ideal weight, exercise continues to decrease my risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and so on. 
Even more motivation to hit the treadmill every morning!

My exercise yesterday was a 4 mile run on the treadmill while reading more of The Maze Runner.  Running while reading is getting easier to do, as long as the book stays interesting.

I also tried two new recipes yesterday.  One for breakfast and one for dessert.  

For breakfast, I made overnight oatmeal.  (Click *here* for a basic how-to).  It was wonderful, and very quick on a busy morning.  All I had to do was slice some bananas and my breakfast was complete.  

Breakfast (7) overnight oats with almond breeze, cherry Greek Yogurt, chocolate protein powder, and a sliced banana

For dessert, I made a chocolate chip pie with garbonzo beans. (Click *here* for the recipe.)

I know, it sounds weird, but it is very tasty.  In fact, Dan has named it "chocolate melting cake" and ate 3/4 of it after I went to bed.  Ah well, I guess that is less temptation for me.  

Dessert (7): Chocolate melting cake and Almond Breeze

Also, one of my co-workers brought me a beautiful, fresh, juicy, tangerine straight from her vacation in Florida.  

Tangerine (0)

Other than that, food was pretty much the same ol' thing.  

Lunch: salad of champions (6) 
Afternoon pick me up (3): TJ's Fiber Bar 

Dinner (12): spaghetti with salad

Happy Hump Day!

Thought for the day:


Daily points (33) + running points (9) - eating points (35) = 7  That is almost two glasses on wine for this weekend.  Holla! :)

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