Friday, January 27, 2012

Dessert before Dinner

The best nights always start out that way.  Or dessert, then dinner, and then dessert again.  Or, if you are my sister, only dessert for dinner.

After work we went to celebrate Isabel's (my friend from South Africa) last day in the US (so sad) at Yogurtini.  We thought it was appropriate, because Dan and I took Isabel there on her first night in the US.  Dan was so excited that we were her "first Americans."  Hehehe.

Before going I checked out the NI on their website, and was very impressed.  They have a pdf with every flavor and its exact NI.  After a lot of thought (there are so many flavors) I picked Cookies and Cream (3) and No-sugar-added Strawberry Banana (2).  Next time I am going for Maple-Bacon-Doughnut, or maybe plain with Srircha hot sauce. :)

Although the yogurt itself has impressive nutrition stats, the toppings are a different story.

Aren't they beautiful?  To be safe, I stuck with fresh fruit.  I forgot how good this place was.  I am seriously considering buying a franchise.  Must start saving now.

One cup with fresh fruit (5)

After Yogurtini, I got home and started making Chicken and Mushrooms with Garlic Wine Sauce (click *here* for the recipe).  I am always hesitant when a recipe calls for wine, but this stuff was wonderful.  Dan put it in his Top 5 recipes that I have made.  It was so easy, but it tasted gourmet.

Chicken with mushrooms (8) and TJ's basamati rice blend (5)

The best part?  You have an open bottle of wine with only 1/4 cup taken out.  Shucks, looks like I will have to take care of that this weekend.  :)

Yesterday I did some sprints on the treadmill.  This time, I made up my own routine.

^Edit: the bottom left column should say 23 to 30 minutes

Talk about quick and effective.  I was dripping with sweat after 30 minutes.  I liked it because it included my "balls to the wall" speed (9.0 mph) for only 30 seconds and then a slow decrease after that.  Can you go faster than 9.0?  Not quite there yet?  No problem, you can adjust based on your own "balls to the wall" speed. Hehehe.

Other eats 
I didn't have time to make breakfast, so instead I made while-driving-protein-oats and ate them when I got to work.

Breakfast: Modified Overnight Oats: 1 Cup almond milk, 1/3 C Greek Yogurt, 1/3 C oats, once scoop of protein powder, bananas and blueberries (7)

Lunch  Salad of Champions (7)

I have perfected the fruit and cheese wrap by adding cinnamon and Splenda.

Whole wheat tortilla (3) , 2 LC wedges (1) and sliced pear

I mistakenly gave Dan a bite and now I am out of Laughing Cow cheese because he won't stop making them! :)

Thought for the day:


DP (31) + RP (6) - EP (36) = 1


  1. I tried a cheese and fruit wrap today and it was really good! I used an apple and I found 2PP low carb wraps at the store. :)

    1. I need to get those! On my grocery list! :)

  2. What flavor of L/C cheese do you use?

    1. I use plain ol' swiss (light). I have never tried anything else for the fruit wraps. I am going to buy blue cheese with pear. MMMM....


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