Sunday, January 29, 2012

Date with Ranger

Yesterday I met my mom at the B-town movie theater to see One for the Money.

The theater recently got new owners and a face lift. Check out the fancy schmancy floors and my even cooler reusable owl sandwich bag that I brought carrots in.  Super sneaky.

Even though it looks different, every time I walk in the place I feel like I am in middle school again.  So many memories of my youth.

 The movie was okay, pretty much exactly what I expected.  The books don't get really good until Ranger is more involved.  In my opinion, if they make another movie, they should skip straight to number 8.

After the movie Dan and I met Brady and Ashley at Thai Place in Westport. (We are officially addicted).

Spring rolls (4)

Beef Laab (10)

This time was a little different because our waiter brought out a spice dish.

The spices were SUPAH-hot.  They even had Dan sweating.  We needed a cool down, so we hit up Peachwave frozen yogurt.

Coconut / cookies and cream and fruit (6)

It was another great night.  The beginning of the day was spent being super lazy,


Breakfast: toast (4) with almond butter (3) and an egg (2)
Fruit Wrap (2)

and wathcing the Mizzou basketball game.

Lunch: left over fire pot soup (8)
Thought for the day:


DP (31) - EP (40) = -9  I had 30 left over for the week.

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