Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolution

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!

Mine was wonderful.  New Year's Day was spent celebrating (a late) Christmas with my mom's side of the family.

After a lot of thought I have decided on my New Year's Resolution for 2012.  This blog has helped keep me accountable to running, however, a healthy diet is more important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  So, along with blogging about running, I am also going to blog about what I eat.  Specifically, I am going to blog about my attempt at following Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is a wonderful program that I have followed before.  I recommend it to all my patients because if focuses on a balanced healthy diet that can be turned into a lifestyle.  And...now they have Charles Barkley as a spokesman, so you know they are legit.

The jist of the program is that everyday I am allowed 32 points (based on my sex, weight, height, and age), along with 49 weekly points for extra treats.  Then every food has a certain number of points based on its nutrition information (fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and protein).  Lastly, running (or any other exercise) can "earn" you more points, based on exertion and time.

OK, so enough with the boring stuff.

Yesterday I woke up to an extra treat.  Kauffman spent the night!  So, I had an extra breakfast partner, or should I say partners (if you count all the animals).
Breakfast (7 points): grapes (0 points), toast (4 points), and yogurt (3 points).

After breakfast I headed downstairs to the treadmill, and thought I would run listening to Pandora on my ipad. But, for some reason my internet wasn't working, so it was just me, the concrete walls, and silence.  To make things interesting, I played around with the speed.  I ran at 6 mph for 10 minutes, then increased by 1/10 mph every minute for 10 minutes, then decreased by 1/10 mph for ten minutes, then another 10 minutes at 6 mph.  When it was over I had run 4.15 miles in 40 minutes (9 points).

After my run I grabbed a quick shower and a snack before heading to the movies to see The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (which was wonderful).
Lunch: Special K Meal Bar (5 points)
Snacks during the movie: popcorn (3 points) and carrots (0 points)

Another snack apple (0 points)

After the move I headed to TJ's to pick up some stuff for dinner, Asian turkey meatballs with lime dipping sauce.

Dinner: Asian meatballs on top of greens with sauce as dressing (14 points)

Total I had 32 points, but didn't eat any of my running points earned. I think  I can add those to my extra weekly points, but I need to double check.

Dessert: mango cream bar (3 points)

Today I going to try to run  about 4.5 miles on my lunch at work.

Here's to a short work week!

Thought for the day:


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