Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yoga with Racheal

I took an official yoga class today at the hotel.  That cartoon pretty much sums up my experience. Hehehe.

No, in all seriousness, it was a very interesting and extremely challenging hour.  I have always thought that there was no way I could get an effective workout while sitting in one place and practicing on "balance" and "finding my center."  Boy was I wrong.  I spent most of the hour with muscles trembling and only had the energy to run one mile when I was done.

I don't think I am going to trade in my running shorts for yoga pants any time soon, but I do look forward to adding it on to my work out regimen.  Maybe I will try Bikram Yoga next...

After packing up my stuff I headed to the spa for my first ever official massage.  

OH MY GOODNESS.  That was the best hour of my life.  There were a few times I caught myself drooling.  That woman took all the soreness out of my body.  I can't wait to get Dan one the next time we go on vacation.

On an unrelated note, I just found out that our hotel has complimentary soft mall-like pretzels with either salt or cinnamon / sugar every afternoon.  On the day I am leaving.  Probably for the best...

We are heading to Denver now to catch our flight.  I had an AMAZING time, but I am excited to get back to Dan and my babies

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day (Christmas at Grandma June's), but I am determined to squeeze in an 8 mile run.

Thought for the day:

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