Friday, December 2, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Happy Friday!

Wowza, 7 miles was a killer (actually 7.2 miles in 72 minutes). BUT, I did get to catch up on the rest of Glee, The Office, and The New Girl (which ended in the song, "Eye of the Tiger."  Perfect.).  


It is amazing how much crap I got done yesterday without watching TV.  Instead of coming home and zoning out to  How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory reruns, I washed the dishes, finished up two loads of laundry, made my self a snack, 

and finished up documenting some patients.  

Then, when Dan was eating dinner we actually talked to each other for longer than it takes to fast forward the DVR through a commercial break.  

In between calling patients I started packing for our trip to Chicago to visit the Nybergs (and go Christmas shopping and see the Chiefs game).  Meanwhile Dan and his friend Brad starting putting together the pool table in the basement.

All of my winter sweaters were still in storage in the basement, so I went down to dig through the pile of wool.  As I was setting out the ones to pack, Brad asked if we were going to an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party in Chicago.  Whatever.  OK, maybe my taste in sweaters is a little cheesy, but I can't help it, I like to be festive.  

Then, when I came upstairs to call my next patient I heard Dan's uncontrolled giggle in the garage.  When I peeped my head out to see what was up, this is what I saw:

Double whatever.  I am using that as an excuse to buy a new winter wardrobe in Chicago this weekend.

Our first trip with the Nybergs was to Chicago in 2007 to see Wicked.   

When Chessa called to ask us to join them on the trip, I can still remember thinking "You want to hang out with us for an entire weekend?"  Ha!  It was the first of many trips together (and hopefully many more to come!).  Who would have known Chicago is where they moved 4 years later?  

I had planned on leaving some extra space in my suitcase for Christmas presents...doesn't look like that will happen.  

Christmas cards came in the mail is going to be a BUSY plane ride....

Tomorrow I plan on giving Chessa's treadmill a test drive...

Have a great weekend!

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