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As the end of the year is nearing, I have been scrambling to catch up on my continuing education for my pharmacist's license (I swear next year I am going to space it out evenly each month). The other day, I read this article about glucosamine supplementation and treating arthritis.

Glucosamine is thought to work in arthritis because it is the building block for cartilage, and cartilage breakdown is what causes pain in arthritis.

The authors pretty much concluded that they weren't sold on the fact that it works and we shouldn't be wasting our money.  This was a major disappointment for me, because I recommend this stuff to everyone and their dog who experiences the slightest bit of joint pain.

Also, because I am pounding 100-something pounds on my knees for hours each week, and because I have a family history of arthritis, I personally take 2000 mg of glucosamine per day for prevention of arthritis development.

So, naturally, I wanted to look into this issue a little further.  What I discovered is that the jury is still out on glucosamine for arthritis treatment. For now, I think I will continue to recommend it to my patients. I also found this interesting study about glucosamine in soccer players. which showed a benefit.  So, I am also going to continue taking it for prevention of arthritis down the road.

While on the subject, here are some other things I CONSTANTLY recommend to my patients for prevention and overall good health:

A multivitamin.  Although they may just lead to "expensive urine" my professor in pharmacy school used to call them"insurance" and I completely agree.  Just in case I am not getting everything I need in my diet, my multivitamin covers it.  The chewable kind are the best...

Fish oil and / or baby aspirin if you have an increased cardiovascular risk

Calcium and Vitamin D if you have a family history of or increased risk for osteoporosis, or you don't get a lot of dairy / sunlight in your life

A flu vaccine if you are breathing

Condoms if you are, well, you know...

and of course a healthy diet and exercise.

This morning there was still nothing good on my Hulu Que and it was raining outside (I may have walked into work with a Trader Joe's bag on my head).  I decided to wait until after work in hopes to take advantage of the last few days of above-freezing weather.

But, when I got home it was still raining, so I got on the treadmill and ran 4 miles to a little Pandora action.

After my run, Dan had dinner ready and waiting:

Red curry chicken = YUM.

Tomorrow is another 4ish mile run day, Thursday is sprints, and Friday is 8 miles (YIKES!).

Thought for the day:

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