Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Month Down, a LIFETIME to Go


Today is my one month blog-o-versary!  To celebrate, what could be better than to make a graph of my miles ran in the past 30 days?  I can't think of anything.

Now I am envisioning all the ways I can present and summarize my past runs if I keep track of them for the next few months, or, even better, the next year.  Oh be still my number-crunching-loving heart.


Dan turned off the alarm I slept through the alarm going off 10 times, so I didn't get a chance to run this morning.  But, it was a good thing because I had the chance to Google treadmill sprints and found this here:
So when I got home I printed that puppy out and got down to business.  Oh my goodness.  This put my previous "bursts" to shame.  When I hit 9 mph I was praying for either the treadmill or my leg to break.  At 10 mph I was fearing for my life.  This gave me a whole new appreciation for the red clip that I am supposed to attach to my shirt but never have because I always thought it was for wussies.

Not anymore.  How in the world do people run entire marathons at this speed? Unbelievable.

After running I was greeted by dinner in the oven:

I think the green onions are hilarious!  I don't even know where he found that little dish.

December Resolutions Update:
  • I am consistently getting in at least 8 servings of fruits / veggies per day.  Making a resolution to eat more is my most genius idea to date.
Some snakcs for today
  • The past few days I have been lacking in the water department, but today I am back on the horse in full force.
  • I am right on track with running 6 days a week.  Easy peasy.
  • I haven't watched a blip of TV.  This has been the hardest of them all.  I didn't realize how much my subconscious looks forward to my thoughts shutting down for at least a few hours.  Now I actually have to think for 16 hours a day. I am, however, getting a lot more stuff done, but still not as much as I want.  Exhibit A: not a present has been wrapped and / or put under the tree.  

Even worse, Exhibit B: I haven't opened any of the shipping boxes to see what gifts have come in the mail.

I may have to join AA (AmazonAddicts Anonymous) after this year of Christmas shopping.  

Tomorrow is a long run-I hope to put another 7 miles on my Nikes.

Thought for the day:
I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads this.  There were many times in the past month where, if I had not started this blog, I wouldn't have sucked it up and hopped on the treadmill.  I am very grateful for  all of the "virtual personal trainers" I have out there keeping me accountable! Muah!

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