Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I've said before that working from home has its benefits.  But, today, not so much.

When I work from home I tend to procrastinate my run, thinking I can squeeze it in over lunch. Well, lunch came and went today, and still no run.

Also, when I work from home I don't plan out my meals and snacks like I do when I pack them for work, which today resulted in me having toast topped with goat cheese and everything pretzel crumbs for lunch.

Very tasty but not very energy efficient.  So when I got on the treadmill at 4:00 I only made it two miles when my alter-ego "Low-Blood-Sugar-Racheal" came out.  

My cousin told me the other day that she can "see it in my eyes" when I have low blood sugar.  Bahahaha.  

After that, the only choice I had was to get off the treadmill and get a "snack" which turned into a 20 minute raid of my pantry.  Oops.  

I gave the food baby a half hour to digest and ran another 2 miles while watching The Only Way is Essex.  

Tomorrow is some sprint action and Friday is 8 miles (for real this time).

Thought for the day (I should have read this yesterday):

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