Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's to a New Year

Happy New Year!

A few days ago I decided to make an inspiration board, after being inspired by another blog. Since then I have been cutting pictures out of magazines like a mad woman.  In general, I looked for words / pictures / ideas that I wanted to accomplish / experience / change in 2012.

Here is the result:

I plan to hang it in front of my treadmill, so I can get a nice LONG look at it everyday. Hopefully it will be a daily reminder of what I should focus my energy on, instead of getting caught up in the little things that don't really matter.

The 13.1 (miles) is in the middle, because my primary goal for the new year is to run a half marathon.  I *almost* have those plans finalized.  Other ideas I included were family,  marriage, nutrition, health, and traveling.

I can't wait to see what exciting things the new year brings!  Stay tuned tomorrow for my New Year's resolution. :)

Today I ran 3 miles while reading Good In Bed  on my ipad. (I promise, the book isn't nearly as creepy as the cover makes it out to be).


I have never read while running before, but I was getting to the end of the book and didn't want to stop reading to run.  It actually wasn't that difficult and I got so caught up in the story that I had run 30 minutes without even thinking about it.  Perfect.

Tomorrow is my rest day, which is wonderful timing because my mom's side of the family is coming over for Christmas.  My house is nowhere near ready.  Good thing I didn't cut out a picture of a sparkling clean kitchen for my inspiration board.  Hehehe.

Tonight we are headed to a friends house to ring in the new year.  I made cookies and cream cheesecake bars and crazy feta cheese dip, both from a new cooking blog I have been reading.  (The recipes are linked if you want to check them out).

I hope your NYE is happy (and safe).

Thought for the day:


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  1. My goal this year is to run a half marathon also! Good luck!!


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