Monday, December 5, 2011

Bad Santa

Good morning...

Well, better than his anyway.  Santa came to Solider Field yesterday and sat right in front of me!  But he had TOO much fun and had to take a little nap during the 4th quarter. BAD SANTA! :)

Our weekend in Chicago was wonderful, but exhausting.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We shopped till we dropped.  We covered The Magnificent Mile and then some.  The boys lasted for exactly one store and then went to find a bar, but Chessa was a trooper.  My arms are still sore from carrying all those shopping bags. My Christmas list is dwindling down by the second!  And...I found want I want for Christmas.  Wouldn't this chopping block look so good in my kitchen?  It reminds me of my grandma's.  Too bad it was$1500. 

  • The food was amazing. One of my favorite things about visiting a big city is sampling the diverse flavors of food.  This trip we tried an Armenian restaurant (Sayat Nova).  Hummus makes me happy.  Strong coffee makes me happier.  We also tried out a new Chicago style deep dish pizza place called Lou Malnati's (my favorite in the city so far).  However, the best was B-rad's Jumbo Gumbo. It was delish. I beat the secret recipe out of him and put it on my meal plan for this week.

Please forgive the thumbs, Dan can't help but be in the spotlight. :)
And, of course we can't forget White Castle.
  • THE CHIEFS WON!!!  Yes, it was a rough game, but a win is a win.  The stadium was really cool, with a view of the city skyline going into the clouds.  Chessa and I were surrounded by Bears fans, but we held our own.  No one wanted to mess with us, not even drunk Santa.  

We got home late last night, to a nice surprise:
We are dog-sitting Coco for one of my friends.  I am already trying to justify why having 3 dogs isn't totally ridiculous! :)

This morning I woke up and ran 4.5 miles watching Pan Am.  I haven't really made a running plan for this week, so I am adding that to my ridiculously-long-gone-all-weekend-and-didn't-get-a-chance-to-do-anything list of things to do tonight.

Have great week!

Thought for the day:

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