Thursday, December 29, 2011

Change of Plans

Every morning Lily and I play a game.

I pretend like I am asleep and she nose nudges me awake, then I pet her for a little bit, then pretend like I am asleep again.  Eventually she gets impatient and paws me as if to say, "Hey, for real, I need to go outside."

Well, this morning she was in it to win it, because I got one nose nudge and then clawed...right on the eyeball.  I started screaming hysterically because I was sure she took my eyeball out.  Poor Dan, he must have thought I was dying.

Turns out, it was just a scratch.  BUT, she did peel my contact off.

Next time I am getting up as soon as she moves. :)

I was planning on going into work today, but since my vision was a little hazy, I decided to work from home. Again. So I didn't run this morning.  Again.

When lunch time rolled around I got dressed, all ready for some sprints on the treadmill. Then I looked outside and saw how beautiful it was.

So, on a whim I decided to go for a run outside.  I had every intention of making it a short run, but it was so beautiful outside, I just kept on going.  For 9 miles.

I really hadn't prepared for a long run, as far as hydrating, eating enough fuel, or wearing the proper clothes to prevent the "rubbage" that tends to happen after 5 miles, so my body is  regretting that decision, but it feels good to add an extra mile on my half marathon training.

Tonight a few of my high school friends are coming over to catch up.  Can't wait.

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