Friday, December 16, 2011

Arm Candy

Look at my date for the night

Mamma like. :)

I titled this post "Arm Candy" because one of our friends recently told Dan that he had finally figured out why I married Dan...because he is my "arm candy."


So last night I told him that he better get his hair cut so he could keep up his "arm candy" reputation at my work Christmas party. Hehehe.

He couldn't have picked a better night to look so good because this morning I was ready to KILL him.  It was a tragedy, really.

After downloading Friends with Benefits on my ipad,

I went downstairs to my treadmill for my 8 mile run.  But, when I turned on my treadmill I realized that  it was BROKEN.  I mean, the belt was still turning but it was as wobbly as a weeble (my ipad actually bounced off of it).

This tragedy is Dan's fault because a few days ago he moved my treadmill to a different room in the basement because it was too close to his pool table.  The same pool table that has consumed all my husband's free time since it was put together. The same pool table that I have been fantasizing about carving threatening words like "DIE" and "I HATE YOU" into its pretty purple felt.

Something must have popped loose during the move.  UGH.

I immediately went into panic mode.  This was the last day I could run my long run this week because I will be in high altitude for the next 6 days and Lord knows Big Mamma isn't running 8 miles in the mountains.

Then I remembered that I have a treadmill at work.

So, I started to breath normally again and calmly packed my clothes, drove to work, ran 8 miles like it was nothin', showered and went upstairs to my cube.  BAM.

Dan said he was going to have someone come look at the treadmill while I am gone.  We shall see...

Tomorrow is my day off because I will be traveling.  I hope for a little short run on Sunday before our all day ski lessons.

Thought for the day:
I needed to hear this today. :)

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