Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Working from Home

I love my job for many reasons, but one of my favorites is that it allows me to have a flexible schedule and to work from home if necessary (like when the cable guy is coming, or there is a blizzard outside, or when your car breaks down...).

Warning: I haven't talked to a soul all day, so this is going to be a long blog.

Obviously, working from home is so much better than working at work.  Why?  I'm glad you asked, because I made a list.

1. I get started so much earlier.  When I work at work I have to wake up, run, shower, get ready, deal with the dogs, pack my lunch, and so on before 8 AM.  Today, I was on my work email (still in my jammies) at 7 AM.

2. I get to eat yummy, nutritious, made fresh-in-the-kitchen meals.  For breakfast I had an egg scramble with spinach and mushrooms (notice the jammies).

For lunch I had red curry chicken with broccoli and mushrooms (my mushrooms were pushing expiration).  Thank goodness for TJ's red curry sauce.  I added my laptop to prove that I was actually working. :)

I even threw some stuff in the crock pot for dinner.

Shockingly, I found a Paula Deen recipe that doesn't have a smidgen of butter!  Yum, can't wait for taco soup tonight.

3. I get to run during the day.  Usually, for this time of year, running outside requires multiple layers and covering everything but my eyes because it is so cold at 5 AM. But, today I hopped outside during my lunch break ready to go in my running tights and had to turn right around, go back inside, and change into shorts.  I know no one should have to see these pasty white legs during mid-November, but at least the children were in school. :)

Today I ran approximately 5 miles outside and it was glorious.  Just me, the sunshine, the fall foliage, and the open road.....

....and the occasional roadkill.

I know I mentioned that I would try a new ap on my phone today, and I did, but there were a few hiccups, so I will have the full report tomorrow.

4. The BEST part about working from home is being able to hang out with my dogs all day :)

Of course, there are also down-sides to working from home.  I don't have everything that I have access to in my cube (bigger computer screen, printers, etc.).  Also, I don't get to see my co-workers. Sometimes you can't say in text what you can say in a facial expression (despite the large selection of emoticons).

Last night was a rough night.  First, our Grand Prix broke down by The Kansas Speedway, which resulted in me working from home today. Then, we found out that Dan's grandpa had passed away.   Although Dan and I have been together for 8 years, this is the first time that someone we both know has died. I found out before Dan, so I told him the news.  That was definitely a first for our relationship.  Like I said, it was rough. I don't deal with death well (I guess no one really does).  What I should say is that I have been blessed to not have had to deal with death as an adult (I don't really even  know what to type here).  So, I will just say this: his grandpa was an amazing person and will be missed by many.

On a lighter note, we didn't get back home until late last night so dinner was frozen pizza.  My pizza was Lean Cusine...

Dan's was a family size Totino's...

...and he keeps on losing weight.  UGH.

Thought for the day:

Tomorrow looks like another outside run!  Now I am off to do my other, part time, always work from home job! :)  Have a lovely evening!

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