Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Setting Goals

I am a goal oriented person.  Throughout my life I have set certain goals in order to get to the place I wanted to be.  Pharmacy school, check.  Marriage, check.  Fellowship, job, house, check, check, and check.
And lastly, baby... wait,  hold up. Dan and I aren't quite ready for that next step!

Otherwise I'm there, or should I say I'm here.  The "place" I wanted to be.  Now what?  I guess I thought that once I accomplished everything I set out to I would just coast my way into the sunset of life's bliss.  I am quickly finding out that is not the case.

Don't get the wrong idea, I am happy.  But, if I want to stay happy, I need to continue trying to improve and challenge myself.  In the past, I have always done that with school or my career.  Now that I am happy with my current position, I need to look at other ways of self-improvement.

I have chatted about goal setting with a few of my friends lately,  but can't really decide on what goals I want to set.  So, to start out, the easiest  (and most obvious)  area would be my running.  I have decided that my first goal will be to train for a half marathon.  I don't have a time goal, I just wan to run (or jog) 13.1 miles without stopping.  More on that later....

My next goal is to set more goals...hehehe.

Speaking of goals, my new ap RunStar keeps track of them and then some.  This thing is awesome!  Today I ran 4.5 miles outside in  45:09 (10:06 average mile).  After my run I could see my time on each individual mile.  It also showed me the map of where I ran, which, in my opinion, is kind of creepy.  When you start out it says "Searching for your location" and then "Found you!."  Yikes.  It also has charts of speed and elevation over time on an individual run and distance each day over the week, month, and year. (This really pleased my inner-scientist.  I LOVE graphs!)  And, it runs the same time as Pandora....marvelous.  Overall...worth the $4.99.

Thought for the day (and on topic):

I first read this in my mentor's office at UNC.  Now I have it hanging in my cube.

Tomorrow I will have a little extra time, maybe a long run to get closer to my goal? :)

Have a great night!

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  1. Tobacco Road half in Durham in March??? I think that will be our next half.

    I never thought anyone read the stuff on my walls. I'm glad I'm wrong :-)


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