Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Guess who was a lazy girl and didn't run this morning. My excuse was that I stayed up too late watching the Chiefs get their butts kicked in Monday Night Football.  

Looks like it is time for Haley to shave the beard and throw away the Victoria Secret hoodie.

I usually try to run in the morning because history has proven that my motivation dwindles over the course of my day and I will think of a reason not to run by the time I get home from work.   

Excuses I have come up with today:

1. It is dreary outside...I just want to curl up with a cup of tea and watch The Big Bang Theory reruns.

2. I need to put up my Christmas decorations that I bought at Michael's and planned to hang up TWO WEEKS ago.

3. There is so much laundry to fold.  Dan and I are great at the "put in the washer" and the "move from washer to dryer" steps.  But, we are lacking in the "put away the clean clothes" department.

Yikes.  It looks even worse in the picture.

4. I will have to take a shower before I go to bed if I run tonight and then one after I get done running tomorrow morning.  Taking two showers in less than 24 hours is a waste.

5. I'm too hungry to run.  Instead I could just eat my's dad's left over birthday coconut cream pie and ginormous cookie that some saboteurs left in my kitchen.

However, nothing puts me in a worse mood than seeing someone running when I haven't yet that day.  Unfortunately, when driving to and from work through Leawood (the land of housewives) I see my fair share, so today I put that built up frustration to good use and headed straight to the treadmill when I got home from work.  I ran 4 miles watching Castle....and then ate some pie.  Ah well, no one is perfect.

Now I can enjoy the rest of my evening. Dan and I are going to pick up a *new toy*.  

Tomorrow will be sprints on the treadmill.......

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