Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have been a runner for over 8 years.  I started my first year of college with 1/3 of a mile per day on a track outside my dorm room at Mizzou and SLOWLY worked my way up to a daily average of 3 to 5 miles.  During that time I have realized that running is the ONLY workout that works for me.  By that, I mean the only workout that I stick with for more than a week.  Also, it is the only workout that gives me that super-satisfied feeling when I am done.

However, lately I am just not feeling it.  It takes everything I have to make myself put those Nikes on, and (shamefully) a few days last week they came off minutes later.  Typically missing a few days here and there turns into missing 3 to 4 days every week, which then evolves into only running here and there.  I cannot let that happen!  In an effort to conjure up some inspiration, I am starting a blog about my daily jogs.

Here goes....

Distance: 3.2 miles / Time: 32 minutes

Today I ran on the treadmill in my basement while watching last night's episode of Castle.  It was about Atlantic City, which of course made me think of Vegas.  As anyone who has met me knows, I LOVE Las Vegas.  Dan (my husband) and I find any and every excuse in the book to go.  I like to gamble, he likes to party, it works.  We were there last month, and I am already day dreaming of our next trip.  I have added a few pictures of my favorite Vegas memories.
January 2010
(Brandy and Trevor's wedding)
June 2011 (Meg and Nigel's wedding)
December 2009
Pai Gow table at Binon's
(my home  away from home)

April 2009 Dan's surprise birthday trip
October 2011 Freemont Street
Despite my Vegas flashbacks, I cut my run off 20 minutes short.  Castle can be slow at times and I start to think about everything I have to get done before I go to work.  My plan tomorrow is to run 5 miles and either run outside (once I get a few miles away I have to come back) or watch Glee (the singing and dancing put a little extra pep in my step).

Until then!

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