Friday, November 11, 2011

Holy Garlic!

Outside run = success!  I decided on one of my "medium" routes from my old house, which conveniently, is only a mile away from my new house.  Map My Run told me it was approximately 3.8 miles and my legs told me it was VERY hilly.  Maybe I should consider an incline on the treadmill....

Left over meatloaf was on the menu last night, so I didn't need to start dinner when I got home.  However, last weekend my friends and I drove to the wineries in STL and we had the best hummus ever.  I loved it because it was so thick, seriously, I think it almost broke the cracker.  In the past, I never thought to make hummus because the store bought kind is pretty good and I didn't see the point.  But, one of my lovely friends told me that she makes hummus all the time, and it is way better because "you can add all the garlic you want."  I thought this was perfect because I recently discovered another TJ's gem, frozen herbs / garlic.  

I like to keep common recipe ingredients on hand, but with fresh herbs and such it is difficult because they go bad so quickly. Now I can keep it is the freezer and pop out fresh garlic (or cilantro, basil, etc) any time I want! So, not following a recipe I just added a can on chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, and ONE clove of the frozen garlic to the food processor and pressed "HI".

The result?  Very thick.  Very garlicy.  That little frozen cube packs quite a punch.  One of our friends was visiting Dan-the-Man and tasted it.  Trying to be nice he said, "It's not bad, it tastes like garlic toast."  Oh well, I love garlic, so this made a pretty good pre-dinner snack.  

I was in the mood to stay in the kitchen last night, so I also made this pumpkin butter, which I put on toast for dessert and Dan-the-Man put on some left over pumpkin bread.  Apparently in his opinion you can never have too much pumpkin.  I also added it to my HUGE bowl of oatmeal this morning, which I ate on my way to work! :)

Tomorrow I have patient calls in the morning, so I am thinking about mixing it up on the treadmill with some "sprints."  

Happy Friday!

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